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Blair’s Beastly Beatitudes

Menachem Begin was a magnificent defender of Israel whose spirit lives on in the settlement movement in Gaza. The heroic Palestinians have a just cause for their intifada on the West Bank. The courageous cadres of Chechnya have no alternative but to fight. Down with Robert Mugabe. The Easter Rising in Dublin is a beacon … Continue reading

You’ve Been Dunioned

It is a tribute to the effectiveness of Scotland’s first Freedom of Information Commissioner, Kevin Dunion, that after only a year he has become a verb. The warning: “Watch out, you’ve been Dunioned”, is apparently enough to spread fear and trembling among the pen pushers and shiny bottoms of Scottish officialdom. Or at least among … Continue reading

Where Is West Lothian Anyway?

Why is it that the only people who don’t seem to care about the West Lothian Question are the English voters themselves? The political and media classes are forever agonising about the anomaly of Scottish MPs voting on Commons legislation which only affects England, like the smoking bill. But there is silence from the shires. … Continue reading

The Great Forth Bridge Disaster

20/2/06 Where stands Labour after the Great Forth Bridge disaster? Last month, Tony Blair suffered the humiliation of his most embarrassing parliamentary defeat, on the anti-terrorism bill, when he failed to make it to the vote. This month the other architect of New Labour, Gordon Brown, has been humiliated in a by-election where he almost … Continue reading

Even the BNP

I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Nick Griffin of the British National Party, but he should never have been prosecuted for what he said about Islam. The trial has been a massive propaganda victory for the BNP; it has turned Griffin into the people’s fascist, the acceptable face of racism. Griffin’s comments … Continue reading

Very Liberal Democrats

28/1/06 Forget Big Brother, the most compelling reality show on television is the Liberal Democrat leadership race. We’ve had alcoholism, rent boys, gay chatlines, secret sex and bare faced lies. Who will fess up next? Will Sir Menzies Campbell admit he was on dope when he ran for Britain at the 1964 Olympics? Will Chris … Continue reading

Assassin’s Gate – Review

ASSASSIN’S GATE, by George Packer. Faber, #14,99, published 2/2/06 Why did the Iraq war happen? How did an apparently sane and mature country like the USA persuade itself that it could pitch up in the Middle East and impose, almost overnight, a new democratic order by force of arms alone? It was simply madness. George … Continue reading

Rendition, Rendition

The Labour MP, Brian Donohoe, was emphatic. “I can give a cast-iron, categoric assurance” he said on BBC TV on Wednesday “that there have been no CIA flights whatsoever through Scottish airspace carrying prisoners at least since 1997, and I have just been to a meeting where the Foreign Secretary has personally assured me of … Continue reading

Paedophilia – A Confession

I am a potential paedophile; a sex offender. The time has come to tell my shocking tale. Some years ago, walking with friends in a city park, I felt the need to answer the call of nature. However, the public toilets were closed owing to vandalism. In acute discomfort, I relieved myself discreetly in nearby … Continue reading

Numpties No More

Not so numpty after all. The Scottish Parliament and Jack McConnell are entitled to take some small satisfaction at Tony Blair’s u turn last week on the partial smoking ban in England. They’d been told that Holyrood’s complete ban was poltically-correct madness, wouldn’t work, nanny state etc.. Scottish politicians who should have known better, like … Continue reading

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