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Bye Bye BBC Scotland

I’m mad as hell and I’m just not going to take it any more. So cried the suicidal anchor man in the 70s film,’Network News”. After nearly thousand live political TV programmes, I was freeling much the same. Every live presenter has the same fantasy of going berserk on air, even when your audience is … Continue reading

Crime hits back at Jack

Jack McConnell has made clear his big idea for the Scottish elections next year is law and order . If so, prepare for an SNP-LibDem coalition, for the war on crime is going about as badly right now as Tony Blair’s war on terror. Crime is down overall, largely due to economic growth, but in … Continue reading

Wigs of Mass Destruction

OH dear. Just when Bush and Blair thought the worst was over in Iraq, and suddenly they are fighting on an entirely new front. And this time they’re up against an opponent who is a lot tougher than Saddam’s Republican Guard: the law.Wigs of mass destruction are raining down on Number 10 and the White … Continue reading

So, would Scotland really be happier on its own?

“Some of us fervently believe in Scottish independence,” said the Guardian commentator Simon Hoggart, at the height of the World Cup footie wars, “they would be so much happier without us”. Well, would we? Other small countries in Europe seem to be pretty happy on their own. Take Catalonia, the already devolved Spanish region, which … Continue reading

Brown had to back Trident – but that doesn’t make it right

It isn’t independent and it certainly isn’t a deterrent. Britain’s fleet of Vanguard class nuclear submarines carry Trident D5 missiles leased from America which cannot be deployed without the agreement of the White House. Far from deterring emerging countries like Iran or North Korea from developing nuclear weapons, the renewal of Trident positively encourages them … Continue reading

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