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The nationalist advance continues

The extraordinary revival of the Scottish National Party continues. The SNP has been marching up the opinion polls for the last six months and in the latest MORI/Scotsman poll is ahead of Labour by 32 to 30. More significantly, a majority of Scots – 51% – told the polling organisation that they support independence. It’s … Continue reading

Why is Westminster leaving it to the SNP to take on Blair?

5/11/05 Do we live in a democracy? I only ask. Of course, we elect people to parliaments – three of them, if you include the Scottish and European parliaments. But what do our elected members do when they get there, apart from harvest expenses? Last week, the House of Commons asked for an inquiry into … Continue reading

The SNP are due for an upswing.

5/11/06 The SNP are top o’ the polls. A nation once again! Scotland is echoing to the cries of jubilant nationalists, eagerly anticipating liberation from the English yoke. Except that it isn’t. The nationalist aren’t crying freedom. There has been a marked absence of triumphalism in SNP ranks over the recent opinion polls, despite their … Continue reading

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