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Why England wants rid of Scotland

 Just as Scotland is beginning to tire of the latest flurry of nationalist speculation, based on a couple of rather optimistic opinion polls, England has  rediscovered perfidious Caledonia.  Last week, the London press was been full of challenges to Scotland to go for autonomy – if you think you’re hard enough. 
   Here’s Simon Jerkins in the Guardian: “I would not lose any sleep if the Scots voted to repeal the 1707 Act…it would do Scotland nothing but good to learn that public money does not grow on English trees.”  
    According to David Aaronovitch in the Times, the English “might moan about the passport man getting on the train near Berwick, but – with traditional complacency – would otherwise soon get over it”.   Prospect magazine has been running a lively debate about the merits of independence since it ran a cover story last month about the apostasy of the Scottish Tory historian, Michael Fry, who has promised to vote SNP in May.  The consensus is that it’s only a matter of time. 
   Conservative columnists like Michael Portillo, in the Sunday Times, and Max Hastings (everywhere) have long been arguing that the Scots need to be taught a lesson by having the subsidy tap turned off at source.  That England could survive and thrive without Scotland – now that the oil has mostly run out – since it only constitutes a twelfth of the population. 
   This is becoming something close to a post-unionist consensus now among the commentariat. Curiously, it was left to a Scottish journalists, John Lloyd of the FT, to make the case for the union in the Guardian’s internet forum “Comment is Free”.  A lone voice against the chorus of opinion formers dissing the UK.
    So much for the great crusade to defend the Union, launched by the Labour cabinet last weekend.  Tony Blair raised the Union Jack and no one saluted.  Simon Jenkins compared the posse of Labour ministers in Oban to: ”a bunch of Spanish hidalgos racing back from he flesh pots of Madrid to quell a revolt in their home province”.   English newspapers  seemed utterly unmoved by the warnings from the Home Secretary John Reid, that independence would leave the country vulnerable to terrorist attack and a flood of illegal immigrants.  
     But why has the Union fallen out of favour so dramatically in England? Do all those organs of opinion really want to see a break up of Britain?  It is of course wrong to make sweeping generalisations about a country’s attitudes, when there has been no real national debate about the question at hand.  It may be that there are millions of closet unionists south of the Border who are only waiting their moment to speak out.
    However,  I have been acutely conscious in my recent conversations with metropolitan editors and commentators a resentment, an irritation with Scotland right now which is as unmistakable as it is puzzling.     After all, it is not my perception that Scotland is going through one of its anti-English phases.  Yet I keep being told that the Scots just won’t stop moaning and attacking the English.  That we ask for more and more subsidies and then complain that London is responsible for all our problems.  That we “run” the cabinet and are over-represented in Westminster. Yet, Scottish public spending is in relative decline and Scottish MPs were reduced by one sixth after devolution . 
        This has little to do with the Barnett Formula or the West Lothian Question.  It’s personal. Simon Jenkins wrote in the Guardian last week that: “Gordon Brown, probably the next Prime Minister, wears his distaste for England on his sleeve, and English voters sense it.”   That was an astonishing thing to say, when the Chancellor has been going to such lengths to stress his love for the Union and his support for England in sporting events the World Cup.  He even says his favourite sporting moment is that Paul Gascoigne goal against Scotland. 
    There is a note of condescension, impatience even contempt creeping into a lot of media commentary on Scotland which is becoming more than a little disturbing. This hostility is reflected in rather more Anglo Saxon terms in many emails and internet comments,  many  racist and unprintable, on my pieces.  When will the Scots learn to stop complaining. Why don’t you just Jock Off!
     I have been wondering where all this is coming from and I am beginning to think if may be a displaced resentment about the way in which race has transformed English culture and society.   There is a widespread but largely suppressed concern about the consequences of mass immigration in England.  The editor of Prospect, David Goodhart,  has bee  calling for “progressive nationalism”, a return to British values and an unwinding of multiculturalism. Goodhart has warned that unlimited immigration could undermine the welfare state by destroying the social contract that underpins it.
     Now, for even suggesting that there should be a debate about immigration Goodhart has been widely vilified on the Left for being racist. A “liberal Powellite” is how he was described by the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Philips.  Ironic that, since Phillips has recently been attacked as a BNP fellow traveller by the London Mayor, Ken Livingstone.  Phillips had said that Britain is “sleep-walking to segregation” because of miss-placed multiculturalism and the failure to integrate immigrant communities.
    It has become all but impossible to speak about identity in British political culture without being accused of racism. “There is a danger”, says Phillips, “that increasingly we are so afraid to speak to each other about our differences that nobody can say what they mean.”  Well, there is one ethnic group about whom English people can say what they mean: the Scots.
   When commentators talk of Scots running England, the Scottish “Raj”, “whinging Jocks” etc.. they can indulge in a identity politics without worrying that they are going to be accused of supporting the BNP.  During last Summer’s footie wars, the Observer ran a front page headline which read:  ”Brown under fresh pressure over Scottish roots”.   If Brown had been black or Asian that story would would never have been printed.  
     This ethnic hostility is rife on the internet where foul-mouthed abuse of the Scots is quite acceptable even on liberal websites.  For once they can speak their minds.  It is an opportunity for English people to get it off their chests  – have a rant at non English people for a change. 
     And to celebrate their own values.  For one of the problems about criticising multiculturalism, and calling for a return to British values, is deciding what these values actually are.  George Orwell’s warm beer, cricket and spinsters on bicycles usually figure on the inventory of Britishness.  But these are essentially English values rather than Scottish ones.  It is not easy to have a Scottish “cricket test”.  
    Now, I’m not for one second denying that Scots aren’t guilty of this kind of communal hostility themselves.   There is far too much anti-English feeling Scotland which is excused as banter, but is – in its own way – racist. That’s not the point.  
     This crisis of English identity may be one of the factors behind the withdrawal of English support for the Union.  This is having a blow-back in Scotland.  Indeed, it may be that, this time round, English nationalism is becoming a more important dynamic of constitutional change  than Scottish nationalism.  That like the Czech Republic before the Velvet Divorce from Slovakia, the momentum for dissolution is coming from the senior partner in the union.
    The 300th anniversary of the Act of Union  next year is going to be very interesting.  

About @iainmacwhirter

I'm a columnist for the Herald. Author of "Road to Referendum" and "Disunited Kingdom". Was a BBC TV and radio presenter for 25 years - "Westminster Live" and "Holyrood Live" mainly. Spent time as columnist for The Observer, Guardian, New Statesman. Former Rector of Edinburgh University. Live in Edinburgh and spend a lot of time in the French Pyrenees. Will that do?


23 thoughts on “Why England wants rid of Scotland

  1. This backlash is only banter Ian and nothing personal. Just as the Scots Nats could not persuade their country men to vote for Independence, and villified the English for it in the past,we now cannot persuade our MP’s to represent us properly at Westminster,so we blame all Scots people.

    Posted by Anonymous | December 4, 2006, 7:15 pm
  2. Just for the record, Iain – it’s EVERYTHING to do with the WLQ and the Barnett Formula. Add the discrimation against our cancer patients and pensioners into that mix and you’re back in the real world. You do talk a load of rubbish.Vote SNP and jump before the English lose patience altogether and push you. Paint your faces blue and put skirts on if you must, but just go.

    Posted by Anonymous | December 4, 2006, 10:47 pm
  3. Again Mr Mcwherter seems to completely miss the issue of why the English are no longer in love with the idea of this Scots Run Union, or is it a fact that he knows the real issues but refuses to acknowlge them like the Scots Dictators in Westminster?We the English want our own Parliament i.e. Scots, Welsh and NI MPs out of Westminster and an end to the Barnett Formular also something that he like the Scots Dictators seem to miss is that since the handing back of the Empire there is no real need or democratic reason for the Union, plus we no longer need to keep the Scots out of Frances Pocket any longer, but then as far as i’m concerned France can have Scotland.The Scots want independence well so do we, so why don’t you Scots do us all a favour and vote SNP and Independence, then we English can sort our own problems out without interferance from the Scots Raj.

    Posted by Anonymous | December 5, 2006, 4:51 pm
  4. The issue of identity in the face of multi culturalism may be part of the problem Ian, since WW2 England has absorbed vastly more migrants, proportionately than Scotland. There are no Scottish or Welsh cities or boroughs with the racial mix of say Birmingham, Bradford,Leicester or some London boroughs. There again Scotland and Wales have a dedicated political forum through which to express their national aspirations, political and cultural. England does not and it seems at times that the `E `word is a very dirty one indeed. As far as prejudice against the Scots is concerned, do you not think this it ironic that some of the staunchest opponents of devolution to an English Parlaiament are Scottish ministers and MPs, who supported the establishment of a Scots parliament with every ounce of their being? We would not have Scottish MPs influencing issues like health, education or as I write, the planning system in England. Perhaps the English are just sick of being told what to do by politicians who are not in the final analysis answerable to their constituents for their actions.

    Posted by Anonymous | December 5, 2006, 6:20 pm
  5. From my perspective I want the SNP to have a landslide next year. Maybe then SOMETHING will be done by the Raj to address our democratic and spending deficit. The New Labour spin machine has been working overtime trying to fog the in-built disadvantage to our so called ‘United’ Kingdom. Phrases like ‘postcode lottery’ are intended to sell a sort of random shortage of drugs and services throughout the UK – when in reality, the postcode is run along national lines – and the disadvantage is not random, it is as a result of a pernicious process of denial to 50 million people. When Blair stood up in Parliament to proclaim that students had a responsibility to the state – and that responsibility was to be manifested as a Top-up charge for students ‘across the country’, he knew he was only talking about England – unfortunately, whenever politicians talk about ‘the country’ – the resultant audience, in this case the English audience tend to think he is talking about the whole of the UK.Fortunately, the penny is dropping, the English people are finally sitting up and taking notice – but one thing is for sure, if the issue of the English question isn’t addressed – and damned quickly, then the push from south of the border for total seperation will be unstoppable. A federal union can work – and the fact that it was not thought of as a total project from the outset in the nineties is an utter disgrace. It is not too late to put this up as a solution – as long as the politicians do it now. If nothing happens, who knows where the union formerly known as the UK will end up?I know Blair is constantly searching for his ‘legacy’ – I don’t think being the architect of the break up of the UK is something to be that proud of.

    Posted by alfie | December 6, 2006, 2:43 pm
  6. Maybe we should see the issue of changing attitudes to Scotland’s independence as a response to globalisation and the growing EU power over the nation state. There clearly is a process underway in the UK for it to break up into its constituent nations. Assuming a revived English nation stays true to the best qualities seen in its history (democracy, rule of law and a concern for fairness) this growing English national identity should not be seen as a threat to Scotland, nor to Wales.

    Posted by Andrew Constantine | December 6, 2006, 7:21 pm
  7. i am not at all political and i am welsh not english or scottish biti think sometimes you english think us welsh, scots and irish are somewhat behind you. let me explain we are not,at all. we havwe many areas with mixed cultures ,we are not in little valleys all the time and you english need to realise this

    Posted by ghennessy | December 14, 2006, 1:16 am
  8. and just to put a bit of humour in this i must apologise about my spellings i have had a few glasses of wine, sorry!!!!!!

    Posted by ghennessy | December 14, 2006, 1:20 am
  9. I think you’re a stupid idiot pal. You’re the typical boring, self-rightous “journalist” parasite. Try working for a living. Oh what, it’s too hard. Yeah of course. Anyway, in your “article”, you moan about people having a go about whining sweaty socks. Ha! ha! You whole article is one big whine fest you dollop. Thanks for enforcing the stereotype of the bitter jock you moron. Finally, the problem England has with scotland HAS everything to do with THE WEST LOTHING QUESTION AND BARNETT FORMULA you plank.

    Posted by Anonymous | December 21, 2006, 4:31 am
  10. From another article of yours:”Scots still complain of course – it’s our national pastime”I thought you said it was wrong for people to say jocks were whiners? Eat your own words you twat.

    Posted by Anonymous | December 21, 2006, 4:42 am
  11. We English really are hostile and racist, unlike the Scots who are charming to the core.Scottish Watch:The rural areas with high English-born populations are Tory and Liberal heartlands into which the Scottish National Party has beenmaking some headway. This is an indication that Scots are resentful of English dominance and marks an increased resistanceto English takeover of property and business. It is not surprisingthat the Conservative Party welcomes English settlement inScotland. Most settlers vote Tory for it is against their interests to do otherwise. As a foreign ethnic group with the right to vote, they are forming a political barrier to Independence. With the greed and cunning of true colonialists the English know they will be culturally isolated and financially depleted by a return to Scottish self-government. Would an independent Scotland really tolerate the presence of a wealthy and powerful nonnative ethnic-groupwithin its borders?Sort your own backyard out Macwhirter before you come lecturing us on ours.

    Posted by Toque | December 21, 2006, 2:17 pm
  12. The union he has passed it sell by date, Scotland can maintain a union with Wales and Northern Ireland, however England can govern itself as a sovereign independent nation.You can keep your oil, you can keep your Tunnocks tea cakes, enjoy it and all the best, we don’t need it. It’s not about money it’s about who we are and we are not celts, nor are we british we are a nation in our own right, we don’t need foreign politicians whether they be Scotch or European to govern us.Scotland and England deserve better than the fraudsters and gravy train politicians whom are in power today.

    Posted by 3 lions | January 15, 2007, 9:45 am
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