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SNP and Big Money.

Herald 18/3/07 “Broke”, cried the Labour advan that toured the vicinity of the SNP conference in Glasgow – referring to the consequences of breaking up the union. But it could scarcely have been less appropriate to the occasion. For the first time in quarter of a century, the SNP ain”t broke. The Stagecoach boss, Brian … Continue reading

So, is Scotland worth it?

Sunday Herald 25/3/05 So, is it worth the hassle? What can we learn from the experiences of the hundred or so small nations that have gained independence in the last Century or so? Well the first lesson is that every independence struggle is unique. From the amicable separation between Norway and Sweden in 1905, to … Continue reading

Trident – Why is no one taking it seriously?

Last week, Tony Blair only secured the renewal of Trident because the Conservatives supported him. A total of 95 Labour MPs were unwilling to support their own Prime Minister on an issue of paramount national security. It was the largest defence rebellion in Labour history. That this went by largely unemarked outside the Westminster village … Continue reading

Thank Tony for the Constitution

Tony Blair has unwittingly done more to reshape and improve British Democracy than any Prime Minister in the last century. And no, I’m not joking. A reuctant revolutionary, Blair was never interested in constitutional politics. But he was responsible for setting up the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly which have transformed the unitary British … Continue reading

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