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2007 – year of porn.

2007 was, for me, the year I discovered internet porn. Well, I’d obviously seen some of the stuff before, but I had never actually, well, examined it. But I thought the time had definitely come, if you’ll excuse the pun, because my children are now at the age where they are becoming hardcore internet users. … Continue reading

How the SNP accentuated the positive – and won.

Do lighten up. There I was sitting and thinking about what to write about: the collapse of trust in politics; the climate change challenge funked again; the tidal wave debt sweeping the economy away; Wendy Alexander’s prospects for 2008. But I said: no. Enough wallowing in negativity. So I’ll start with the most interesting thing … Continue reading

2007 – not the year of the Union afterall.

“Looking back on 2007, it seems amazing that no one seriously expected the SNP to win the May Scottish elections..” Or so I wrote in this column twelve months ago in a piece imaging how Scotland would look in a year’s time. Truth is I genuinely didn’t believe that the SNP would win Holyrood, even … Continue reading

Bad year for Broon.

“Macavity’s a mystery cat. He’s called the Hidden Paw – for he’s the master criminal who can defy the law”. Well, not quite. The Hidden Paw, or Clunking Fist as we know him, hasn’t quite given the boys in blue the slip this Christmas. The Electoral Commission has yet to rule on Labour’s various fund-raising … Continue reading

Trump isn’t nice, but it’s not sleaze.

Oh no. Do I have to? I suppose that there’s no way to avoid writing about Donald Trump this weekend, now that Alex Salmond’s dealings with the hirsute property tycoon have landed him – we are told – in the nationalist government’s first “sleaze scandal”. Hmm. Even given the elastic nature of that term, I … Continue reading

Who would sell me a sub-prime mortgage? Northern Rock actually

Now that the various bidders for Northern Rock have been falling by the wayside, the smart money is on the stricken bank being nationalised in the New Year, as this column forecast last week. If so 800,000 mortgages will land on the desk of the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, making him potentially the biggest landlord in … Continue reading

The Constitutional Commission is important, even if it is incomplete.

For once the hype was justified. “The most important debate the Scottish parliament has ever engaged in” said the Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie during last week’s debate on setting up a Constitutional Commission to extend home rule. She could be right. All the major forces in Scottish politics are now united as never before … Continue reading

Dodgy donations – a Labour disease

Every day we learn more about the elaborate ways in which Labour has been raising funds illegally from private donors. There hardly seems to be a businessman in Britain who hasn’t been tapped for a grand or so through some obscure conduit. From wee Charlie Gordon harvesting “995s” from property developer chums from his cooncil … Continue reading

Financial madness

Now, let me get this straight. The credit crisis which is supposedly engulfing the civilised world is a result, everyone agrees, of too much debt brought about by low interest rates. So, the last week the Bank of England has moved resolutely to stem the crisis by, er, cutting interest rates. The mission statement of … Continue reading

Wendy toughs it – but for how long?

Brian Taylor, BBC Scotland’s political editor didn’t mince his words: “Wendy Alexander has broken the law”, he announced on the Politics Show yesterday as Wendy’s no show continued. No one was around to contradict him. Not only was the Scottish Labour leader hiding from the media, so was everyone in the party of any significance. … Continue reading

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