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It’s over for Wendy

Triumphant Labour MPS were doling out the humble pie last week and force-feeding it to the political hacks. “F***ing brilliant”, one was overheard saying. Wendy was “in the clear” following her exoneration by the Electoral Commission. We journalists should all be ashamed of our “vendetta” against her, according to the Labour MSP George Foulkes . … Continue reading

Wendy and the procurator fiscal.

Has the former Labour health minister, Andy Kerr, had his chips? A case of small fries to go? In the latest bizarre twist to Labour’s donations scandal, the senior Labour MSP, Andy Kerr, has been reported to the procurator fiscal by the parliamentary Standards Commissioner for failing to register a thousand pounds worth of hospitality … Continue reading

Put Wendy out of her misery.

Waiting for Godot was never as bad as this. Politicians and press are growing irritable and restless at the endless wait for the Electoral Commission to rule on the illegal donation to Labour leader Wendy Alexander’s campaign fund. Two months! What on earth are they doing? Distraught hacks have been wandering the lobbies tearing their … Continue reading

What financial crisis?

The international financial crisis has, for most of us, been a spectator sport so far. It’s like watching a well-made American television series about global capitalism, where each instalment brings a new fantastic turn of events as banks lose billions in and crazy characters emerge like buff bond-dealer, Jerome Kervial, who blew £3.6bn on financial … Continue reading

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