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Let’s buy more stuff

“From New Labour to hard labour” was Alex Salmond’s verdict on the Chancellor’s emergency budget last week. Actually there’s not likely to be a lot of labour, hard or otherwise, since many of us will be unemployed by the time the Darling squeeze hits in two years time. .The rate of job losses in recent … Continue reading

Labour isn’t working. Again

The poster that won the 1979 general election was, of course, a fake. The “Labour isn’t working” dole queue was actually composed of twenty fully-employed Hendon Conservatives photographed again and again. But there was nothing synthetic about the impact on Labour government of James Callaghan. Never again, Labour resolved, could the party afford to go … Continue reading

Strictly One Chancer

Supporters of the star of “Strictly One Chancer”, Alex Salmond, are urging him to resist pressure to leave the Holyrood show following his recent poor performance. Judges are insisting that “Lecky” as he has come to be known by his many adoring fans, is not fit to remain in the contest and is becoming and … Continue reading

Labour ARE thinking of a Spring election

Labour can hardly dare to believe their luck; the nation’s misfortune has been their salvation. The greatest economic crisis in half a century (and counting) has transformed their leader’s performance and their electoral prospects. The opinion polls are going Gordon Brown’s way. The Tories are all over the place, the Liberal Democrats are sinking without … Continue reading

Call Johnathan Ross

Brrng Brrrng Hi this is Johnathan Ross but I’m out so please leave a message… Hey Woss! Your wife is a fat slag with a mental condition and I’ve had sex with your daughters. Don’t worry, mate. Only a joke. Like your wife Jane – with her big boobs and orange hair. Talk about scary. … Continue reading

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