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So what the hell do we do now.

So, what the hell do we do now? The G7 meeting delivered nothing specific and merely restated what we already know about the crisis. It’s bad. Political leaders promised “decisive action using all available tools” but didn’t say what those actually were. The idea of central bankers wielding their spanners on the broken down world … Continue reading

New Year; New Bank Bailout

A New Year, a new bank bail out. Forget the negative noises from Gordon Brown, the banks are in as big a hole as ever, and we are about to ride to their rescue once more. As house prices fall and businesses go bankrupt in 2009, the cash-strapped banks are heading for new and greater … Continue reading

Digtal dyslexia – it’s so difficult to talk about

My New Year’s resolution, apart from all the usual ones that get broken in the first week, is to stop feeling bad about new technology and about my digital dyslexia. Computers don’t actually work very well, but everyone has to pretend that they do work for fear of being accused of being technophobes or in … Continue reading

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