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Dunfermline disaster – many dead

Another one bites the dust. Scotland’s largest building society the Dunfermline, has collapsed amid the usual cries of betrayal, London perfidy and financial obfuscation. I have a scintilla of sympathy for the combative Chairman, Jim Faulds, who genuinely seems to believe in the mutual principle – but why then did the Dunfermline abandon it in … Continue reading

Farewell Darling Jade

And so farewell then, Jade Goody, the brave and brilliant mum who did it all for her family and for victims of cancer, Her story is a parable for our modern times. A death to give us all hope. Read all about it on pages 2,3,4,5,6,7, including Jade’s last words and Jack’s hospital romps with … Continue reading

something fishy in holyrood

MSPs often complain that they’re living in a goldfish bowl, so it’s good to see them standing up for their fellow fish. The Holyrood petitions committee has asked the Scottish government to look into the welfare of Siamese fighting fish in Scotland’s pet shops. Apparently, these exotic creatures, which hail from Thailand, are suffering from … Continue reading

Iain Inaugurated as Rector

Iain Macwhirter is inaugurated as Lord Rector in Old College. Photo by Ric Lander (cc). Iain closed his address to the University by saying: People say that students are apathetic and apolitical, but I can confirm that on this issue they aren’t. Right now we are seeing the first generation of graduates which has taken … Continue reading

A Big Thank You

Iain was successfully elected as Rector of Edinburgh University with an ovewhelming 69% of the vote. “I am delighted that the students and staff of the University of Edinburgh have chosen me to be their Rector. “I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to take an active involvement in the University and look to … Continue reading

Terrible Tavish

The Liberal Democrats never do things by halves. They prefer to do them by quarters and fifths. As on alcohol pricing which seems to be wrong in Scotland but right in England. And on the constitution, where the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, Tavish Scott has called for radical constitutional change to save the Scottish economy. … Continue reading

The Pension Crunch

The revelation that Fred the Shred’s pension is actually going to cost £30m, and not the £16 million quoted by RBS, has underlined a salient fact about pensions: everyone underestimates the cost of them. This is partly because the pension providers tend not to take inflation into account when calculating the lifetime cost of pensions, … Continue reading

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