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MPs expenses: revolution now?

“It’s a revolutionary moment”, said the former standards commissioner, Alistair Graham. “This is like the storming of the Bastille, only the prisoners aren’t being let out”. The historical comparison was perhaps a little over the top, but everyone seems to accept that British politics will never be the same. The question is, what comes next? … Continue reading

Damian 2 – The Final Conflict

It was a dreadful week for the government, a real horror show. The Number Ten director of strategy Damian McBride,was caught proposing to  smear opposition MPs with crude sexual innuendo.  Headline writers were amused when it emerged that his namesake, Damian Green, the Tory immigration spokesman, had been threatened with life imprisonment for leaking an … Continue reading

Alex Salmond won’t accept spending cuts in Scotland

And so to the SNP conference in Glasgow – the 75th anniversary of the party’s founding. We heard an uncharacteristically low key speech from the SNP leader Alex Salmond. The toughest street fighter in Scottish politics has reined in his invective, curbed his killer instinct and called for consensus and constructive engagement. . So, do … Continue reading

I know where you live

      I’ve been doing this blog for a week and I have been reminded why I stopped doing it before.  I used to do pieces for Guardian Comment is Free and had to trawl through anything up to two hundred comments, many of which were abusive.  I really couldn’t be bothered.   Why make … Continue reading

Dixon of Wood Green speaks about the issues of today

 Our policemen are wonderful.  They are a thin blue line between order and chaos.  So what if they slap the odd woman in the face and beat her legs with their batons.  She asked for it didn’t she?   She was quite clearly giving disrespect, and we know what disrespect leads to. It leads to anarchy … Continue reading

"Gordon Brown is gay" – except that he isn’t

   Final word on the Damian McBride issue.   Michael Brown, the Independent journalist and former Tory MP said on the World Tonight this week that in 1993 when he was in the then government whips’ office he had a discussion with the Tory MP Giles Brandreath about smearing Gordon Brown.       They had … Continue reading

Guido is right. shock

My bete noir, Guido Fawkes, makes a number of very good points in his article in the Times today. The Westminster lobby is a cabal. Print journalists should have exposed Damian McBride and his wrecking crew long since. The parliamentary system has been corrupted by the explicit and implicit deals done between governments and journalists … Continue reading

Now I have your attention

I can’t reply personally to all the responses to my stuff this week. Thanks to everyone who contacted me making very valid points – and in doing so provided the best answer to my blogophobic posts. I’m going to make a few general points. I agree that the old media for which I work, has … Continue reading

And another thing

The other problem with blogging is its immediacy. Yes, I know that this is supposed to be its great virtue. But it is really a curse. Iain Dale says that he updates his blog five times a day. Five times a day! That’s more like a psychological condition than citizen journalism. It’s really not possible … Continue reading

The Ugly Truth about blogger Iain Dale, Derek Draper and all bloggers

Just for the record, I don’t have anything against Iain Dale. When I said that he was a right wing bigot I was of course misquoting the blogger manque, Derek Draper. I have nothing against Alex Massie or Guido Fawkes either…No, on second thoughts Guido Fawkes really does sound like a nasty piece of work. … Continue reading

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