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Breeding foreigners. Send them home.

It’s official: we are fornicating our way out of recession. A sudden increase in the fertility of British mums has pushed the population of the UK to over 61 million. Three quarters of a million new babies were born last year, leading to the biggest overall increase in population since 1962. Mothercare shares are booming; … Continue reading

Red Adair Turner is right banks are socially useless

All praise to Lord Turner, the chairman of the Financial Services Authority, who admitted last week that much of what happens in the City is “socially useless”. Lord Turner of Ecchinswell makes an unlikely anti-capitalist; he’s a former vice chairman of the investment bank Merrill Lynch. But it takes one to know one, I suppose. … Continue reading

Edinburgh Festival is still the Greatest Show on Earth

I went to hell and back with the Scottish culture minister, Mike Russell, at Edinburgh this year. It was at the opening night of Silviu Puracarete’s Faust at the Royal Highland Centre in Ingliston. Half way into the most lavish production ever mounted at the Edinburgh Festival, the stage divides and the audience of 500, … Continue reading

Megrahi: Cock up and conspiracy

If it goes on like this, they’ll have to put Kenny MacAskill in protective custody. If the threats on the internet are anything to go by, the Scottish Justice Secretary is in mortal peril for his decision to release the Lockerbie bomber. Open season has been declared, now the director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, … Continue reading

MacAskill was right about Megrahi

The defining moment of devolution? Scotland a “pariah nation”. The end of Tartan Week in America? The Scottish government was attacked on all sides last week for letting the Lockerbie bomber, Adelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, return home to his family. “It’s the world versus Scotland” cried the Sun. You’d have thought that the justice … Continue reading

Beware the green shoot

House prices bounce back! The Daily Mail became an even greater parody of itself last week as it proclaimed the return of the housing boom and celebrated the end of the recession. The City of London has decided that the good times are here again, and a government desperate for good news is echoing its … Continue reading

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