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The lost art of megaphone politics

Pass the megaphone Alex, we’re all anti-capitalists now. Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, was taken to task last week by commentators and businesspeople for joining demonstrations against job losses at Diageo’s Johnnie Walker plant in Kilmarnock. Lord Mandelson, First Secretary, has laid into the Phoenix Four who bought MG Rover for the price of a … Continue reading

Google bigger than Gutenberg?

“Don’t be evil” is the rather gothic mission statement of the search engine company Google, which is planning to digitise all the world’s books. Set up a decade ago by American digital pioneers, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has set itself the modest task of organising all the world’s knowledge. Everything. The lot. You … Continue reading

Is this the end for Scottish Nationalism?

So is that the end of the nationalist dream? Have hopes of an independent Scotland crashed to the ground, like Pan Am 103, following he fiasco over the release of Al Megrahi? Well, nationalism has seen better days. Megrahi’s triumphant return to Libya outraged many Scots and, for the first time, a credibility gulf has … Continue reading

Britain backs bankers bonuses.

We will fight them on the bonuses, we will fight them on the share options, we shall never surrender. The British and American governments are standing four square against France and Germany who want to cap banker’s remuneration. How dare this continental anti-capitalist axis meddle with our bonus system! Bankers must be allowed to pay … Continue reading

House price monster on the loose again?

Rejoice, rejoice – house prices are rising once again. The market has recovered, confidence, has returned, and there is light at the end of the property tunnel – or so we’re told by the economic cheerleaders who believe house price inflation is wonderful. It isn’t. The rise in house prices is extremely bad news – … Continue reading

Get out of Afghanistan. Now.

Everything is wrong about this dumb war : we don’t know what we are fighting for, we have no exit strategy, our troops lack essential equipment. and the British people are increasingly unwilling to accept casualties. No British politician has been capable of explaining coherently what victory in Afghanistan would actually look like even if … Continue reading

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