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MPs expenses- how did we get here?

“UK opposition leader dumps lawmaker over duck pond”, said the Taiwan News. It was the story that caught the imagination of the world. The duck island, charged to expenses by theTory MP Sir Peter Viggers, turned the great British parliament into an international laughing stock.  Quackers…out for a duck…you silly ducker”.  The pond ornament was … Continue reading

MPs expenses- unfair to the pig community

  It’s the question on everyone’s lips. Can you get swine flu from sticking your snout in the trough?  Should the snuffling pigs of parliament and the City be required to wear face masks while in the pursuit of self-enrichment.  Snout to snout contact can only be a major transmitter of the deadly disease, which has … Continue reading

How I survived the Tory Conference.

For the last decade or so, Tory party Conferences have been been like gatherings of an obscure cult – devotees of a faith that time had passed by. New Messiahs came and went: William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Howard. False Gods appeared like Michael Portillo, urging a clean break with Old Testament Thacherism. But … Continue reading

Will Scotland rise up against ‘English’ Tory rule?

On the night of the 1992 general election a prominent journalist I know laid in nine bottles of champagne – one for each of the nine Scottish Conservative MPs – to be opened in celebration as each lost their seat.  As the night wore on, the bottles remained unopened and the party went decidedly flat.  … Continue reading

David Cameron’s speech: a triumph of ZZZZZZ

  I’d love to give you a complete and comprehensive blow by blow account of David Cameron’s Manchester speech – but I started to doze off in the middle of it, and I can’t be sure I got it all.  It’s the first time I’ve ever drifted off in the middle of a leader’s confrerence … Continue reading

Come off it Michael. You make a poor Gradgrind.

  Michael Gove has had a personality transplant.  Where is the clever,  eloquent guy with the sideburns who used to appear with Germain Greer and co on Newsnight Review?  Suddenly, he’s been transfomed into an old school Tory.  You could almost smell the mothballs during the shadow education secretary’s speech to conference..  ‘Young people today…discipline..school uniforms…tests…discipline…more … Continue reading

Don’t take on the pensioners, Dave – you’ll come off worst.

  Are the Tories trying to lose?  First they fall out over Europe, then they take on the grey vote.  Over 50s are numerous, organised, informed and above all – they vote.  So why antagonise them by fast trackinhg the increase in the age of retirement.?  This will damage the pension calculations of hundreds of … Continue reading

Why do the Tories hate Europe so much?

How ironic it would be if the Tories were to fall apart again over Europe, just as David Cameron is entering the home straight for Number Ten.  Almost as ironic as Tony Blair becoming president of the EU, just as Gordon Brown loses the next general election.  Some people are just born lucky. But is David … Continue reading

That televised leaders debate in full

Hello good evening and welcome. I’m David Frost, and this is the first ever live debate by the British party leaders, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and – through a video link from Glasgow, Alex Slalom of the SNP Green party. First Question, to Gordon Brown, why did you reject the advice of the … Continue reading

Gordon is standing against himself

 Gordon Brown’s speech to the Labour conference last week – almost certainly his last as leader and prime minister – was a very curious one, even by his standards.  It was like an opposition manifesto against his own government.   The PM reversed a whole series of Labour positions from 24 hour drinking to the … Continue reading

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