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Alcohol pricing: Westminster shames Holyrood

   I’ve been watching the row over alcohol pricing with unusually close interest.  Recently, I decided to stop drinking myself – partly for health reasons, but also to reassure myself that I could. I’m not a temperance fanatic, but like many people I know, I was beginning to feel that alcohol played too great a … Continue reading

Let’s have some capitalism for capitalists.

My Big Idea for 2010? Simple. Bring back capitalism. No, I’m serious. I may be a superannuated socialist who thinks the banks should be nationalised and has always supported the redistribution of wealth. But right now, we need a bit of capitalist rigour to sort out the mess left by the financial crisis. It’s time … Continue reading

New business needs its own Jarrow March.

At a New Year party, I met a man who made the smallest television screen in the world. It’s in the Guinness Book of Records. He even showed me a working model of his tiny TV which, I can confirm, was very small indeed. As flat screen televisions get larger and larger, you might wonder … Continue reading

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