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Heart disease: even fit people like me get it.

  I’m going into the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for a heart bypass operation today.  May not be around for a while.  Here is an account – rather long – of how I discovered that Scotland’s number one preventable health problem isn’t really preventable. ———————————————————————————————— It began with what I thought was a chest infection that wouldn’t shift … Continue reading

Why is unemployment not an election issue?

On Wednesday I was sitting staring into space, wondering what I was going to write about this week. The press were preoccupied with mounting debt, and the creeps at Strathclyde Passenger Transport circumnavigating the globe at our expense.  Then my phone rang.  It was a BBC producer wondering if I would come and talk about … Continue reading

Let Mossad Air take you there.

 Tired of boring old package holidays to Tenerife and Marbella?  Fed up sitting around at airports waiting for the next cancelled flight?  Had enough of brutal customer relations from low cost carriers?    Now, for the first time in Britain, a totally new way to travel and see the world, and all from the safety … Continue reading

Cash for terrorists. Brilliant.

 Gordon Brown recently gave his backing to an international fund to raise $500 million to be used to pay Taliban Mujihadeen in Afghanistan not to fight – at least not to fight us. Cash-for-terrorists – a brilliant British contribution to modern military science. Instead of firing bullets at the Taliban, we fire bucks instead.      The video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, … Continue reading

Is the psychological state of the prime minister a legitimate matter for public debate? A new book, The End of the Party by the journalist Andrew Rawnsley, claims that Gordon Brown hit one of his aides, dragged a secretary forcibly from her chair and subjected party workers to a tirade of abuse. Rawnsley, who once … Continue reading

Toryota Camron – Total Product Recall

 There are renewed fears for the future of the Toryota firm  this week as further flaws have been discovered in the company’s leading models. The brand image of Toryota has been seerious damaged by the mass recall of thousands of policies over the last few weeks. Their once top selling model, the Camron – supposedly … Continue reading

Nicola Sturgeon didn’t do anything wrong – but politicians need to think about who they help.

   Sturgeon intervenes in aid of benefit cheat; First Minister lobbies for illegal immigrant on drug charges; SNP leadership in cash-for-access row over sale of parliamentary lunches… You could be forgiven for thinking that the SNP administration had taken leave of its senses recently, or belatedly started playing catch up with Labour and the Tories … Continue reading

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