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Is it possible to ban sectarianism? Computer says no.

       “Technology has given fresh energy to old hatreds and pustulent sectarianism”, Alex Salmond told the Scottish Parliament last week ” I will not have people living in fear from some idiotic 17th Century rivalry in the 21st Century”.   As a non-religious person, I have always found the Catholic-Protestant rivalry in Scotland … Continue reading

Alex Salmond’s acceptance speech.

They always said there’d be days like this.  Having sat through many dismal non-events in the press gallery of the Scottish parliament, it was a relief to see the Scottish parliament rising magnificently to the occasion.  The speeches congratulating Alex Salmond’s on his elective coronation were witty, elegant and thoughtful, without a trace of petty … Continue reading

Whatever happened to Unionism?

 Stands Scotland where it did?  Damned if I know.  But it is no longer a country afraid to know itself.  Somehow, the air seems different.  Most Scots I’ve come across in the last seven hectic day,  from the right of the political spectrum as well as the left and all points in between,  seem really … Continue reading

That wedding. What was it all about?

So what was that all about? A rather gawky young man married a perfectly presentable young woman, and the nation rejoiced. Well, around half of it did. Some people decided that they wanted to eat in the street – but not many in Scotland, where wedding fever was hard to find. Yet two billion people … Continue reading

Labour’s only hope: a referendum on independence

AS Labour heads for what looks like almost certain defeat in the Scottish Parliament election this week, the recriminations have already begun. How could Iain Gray have thrown away a clear double-digit lead in the opinion polls in only three weeks? Is there anything he could do in the final days that could turn the … Continue reading

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