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There’s no greater enthusiast for the euro than…David Cameron.

    Now here’s a thing.   There is currently no greater enthusiast for european economic integration than the British government.  George Osborne and David Cameron have become cheer-leaders for the euro, gatecrashing summits of the eurozone countries and appealing to EU leaders to press ahead with fiscal union – with creating the very “United … Continue reading

Labour has no option but to adopt "devo max".

     Things are stirring in the Scottish Labour undergrowth.  While MP and leadership hopeful, Tom Harris. and the former aide to Tony Blair, John McTernan, continue to insist that Scotland has no future outside the union, and are warning Scots not to get big ideas about going it alone, others are beginning to realise … Continue reading

If David Cameron can support gay marriage – so can Alex Salmond.

      The campaign against the Scottish government’s proposals to legislate for gay marriage reached critical mass last week – if you’ll excuse the pun – with two senior members of the Scottish Roman Catholic hierarchy backing the former SNP leader, Gordon Wilson’s call for a referendum on the issue.  Archbishop Mario Conti of … Continue reading

Sir Mervyn King, Montague Norman and fractional reserve destruction.

 Politicians and economic commentators are still scratching their heads over the Bank of England governor, Sir Mervyn King’s remark last week that the financial crisis is worse than the 1930s.  “Cheer up, Mervyn, it’s not that bad” said Hamish Macrae in the Independent.  “Talking us into recession”  – said the Express.  Not since Montague Norman … Continue reading

Eurogeddon. It isn’t just Greece’s fault. Really, it isn’t.

   We all know what the problem is:  Europe has a single currency but no central treasury – no overall financial supremo who can collect revenues and disburse them across the 17 eurozone countries on the basis of need and fiscal responsibility.  As they head inexorably toward default, the Greek people are quite rightly furious … Continue reading

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