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Salmond launches "illegal" referendum campaign.

 As we waited in the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle for the arrival of Moses, sorry, Robert Mugabe, sorry Alex Salmond, there was much chatter about Tuesday’s now infamous Newsnight interview in which Jeremy Paxman compared Alex Salmond to Zimbabwean dictator and suggest that he wanted to set up a one party state in Scotland. … Continue reading

Why a second question means Salmond might lose

Marriages – they just don’t seem to last these days. First the couple start living in separate houses; then the arguments begin over money; and finally, the unhappy pair end up saying: ‘see you in court’. Lawyers are rubbing their hands at the prospect of rich pickings from the case of Westminster v. Holyrood. There … Continue reading

SOPA wipeout. How Wikipedia lost its innocence.

It’s only when Wikipedia isn’t there you realise how incredibly influential it has become. Just try a few random searches. Yesterday I Googled “Scottish independence referendum” and top of the results list was the Wikipedia entry. Then I searched “global warming”, which also served up Wikipedia’s page as number one. Even searching something relatively obscure, … Continue reading

The Union’s last thousand days.

At times of constitutional turmoil, like last week, I’m often approached by researchers and producers from the London media looking for someone to explain the will-they-won’t-they, devo-max independence-well-maybe referendum. They invariably use the word ”wily” when they’re talking about Alex Salmond, as if the First Minister was a petty demagogue in some post-colonial banana republic. … Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher: my part in her downfall.

It was the 1987 general election campaign. I’d recently been made the BBC’s Scottish political correspondent and I was furious that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had refused to give me an interview. So, when she arrived for a “whistle stop” press conference at Glasgow Airport, I was determined to get something out of her. After … Continue reading

2011. Why I think independence is inevitable.

  Spare a thought for Iain Gray this festive season He was by no means a bad politician – as his party discovered when they looked to replace him.  But the abiding image of the 2011 Scottish parliamentary election campaign has to be Labour’s Scottish leader seeking refuge in a “Subway” sandwich bar after being … Continue reading

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