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It’s an OUT OUT referendum on Euorpe.

    This isn’t an in out referendum on Europe, but an out out referendum.  The PM says he will try to negotiate a new deal with Europe and put that to the people in a referendum.  But he must know that the kind of package of repatriated powers that he is seeking, or rather … Continue reading

David Cameron’s speech on Europe. What he will say and why he is wrong.

David Cameron’s speech on Europe is turning into the greatest speech never made. Fortunately, from leaks and briefings we know a lot of what’s in it.  Cameron says that he wants to address the “three crises” of Europe: the eurozone debt crisis, the democratic deficit and the loss of European competitiveness. Taking these in reverse … Continue reading

Europen Union or United Kingdom. Scotland may have to choose.

   To howls of unionist derision, Alex Salmond yesterday outlined his thoughts on an independent constitution for Scotland. He holds these truths to be self evident: that Scots shall have a home as a constitutional right, that there shall be free education in perpetuity, and that there will be no nuclear weapons on Scottish soil. … Continue reading

Skivers – Why Britain’s becoming the nasty country.

MPs need to be saved from themselves. How did they allow the story of their £20,000 a year pay claim to emerge in the week they voted to cut unemployment benefits in real terms for the first time since the 1930s? Nothing better illustrates the extraordinary world that politicians inhabit. where a salary that is … Continue reading

Trident job losses and other independence scare stories.

So much for accentuating the positive. Barely a week into 2013 and we’re knee deep in scare stories already. Though it has to be said that this year some are scarier than others. Last week’s shock horror report from the Treasury claiming that Scots would lose £1 a year if they voted to leave the … Continue reading

Is the independence referendum already lost?

SCENES from the independence debate: I took my son, Jamie, to the very excellent Stand comedy club shortly after New Year. It was a packed and raucous show, with a mostly young audience. The compere – a tubby guy from Edinburgh whose name escapes me – launched into an obscene rant about Alex Salmond and … Continue reading

America avoids the Fiscal Cliff, as Britain and Europe tumble over it.

America didn’t go over the fiscal cliff. That’s good news, right? Well, the stock market seemed to think so: the FTSE rose over 6,000 for the first time in eighteen months. And it was surely a good thing to see investors here, and in the rest of the world, celebrating an increase in taxes for … Continue reading

Scottish hearts are getting better. About time.

    2013 is supposed to be the year of the positive in Scotland, and for all the negativity that saturates coverage of Scottish affairs there is a lot to be positive about.  One neglected statistic that caught my eye recently was that, in Scotland, deaths from coronary heart disease have fallen by 43% in … Continue reading

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