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Zombies. Can Scotland escape the economy of the living dead.

Like me, you probably don’t pay too much attention to the monthly unemployment figures, since they don’t seem to be going anywhere in particular. In fact, something quite extraordinary is happening, which is transforming the world of work, making a nonsense of government policies, like the much criticised Work Programme and turning a once prosperous … Continue reading

Independence warning: the lights will go out if Scotland votes yes.

There are many things that I don’t understand. Like why a day return rail ticket between Edinburgh and Glasgow costs £22 when we are trying to get people to stop using their cars. Or why a cup of coffee costs £2.50 when its ingredients cost 0.5p. But nothing puzzles me more than energy prices. They … Continue reading

Banks and horses. Food and financial products contaminated by greed.

There are striking similarities between the horse-burger affair and the international banking scandal that broke in August 2007. The financial crash was caused the sale of toxic financial products called Collateral Debt Obligations that were composed of mortgage bonds that had been “sliced and diced” into new products that were then marketed as cheap and … Continue reading

Cameron’s legal expert endorses independence timetable. Are the Unionists trying to lose?

     Is there a nationalist mole in Whitehall, an evil genius undermining the case for the Union?    On Monday, the UK Coalition published its legal advice on the status of Scotland after independence.  Scotland would be a new state, the government lawyers concluded,  after also identifying the religious leanings of the Pope.  There would be … Continue reading

Aliens in warning against independence. SNP needs to lead constitution debate, not follow it.

    Things fall apart. The SNP has got the right question, but it isn’t getting the right answers.   The Nationalists have been on the defensive for the last six months over relatively obscure procedural issues about relations with Europe, currency union and the mechanics of transition to independence.  The Yes for Scotland campaign has … Continue reading

RBS/Libor. If Iceland can prosecute bankers why can’t we?

If you’re shopped by your ex-wife for point switching on a speeding ticket you face prison; if you are in charge of a department responsible for one of the biggest financial scandals in history, you get a £700,000 pay off. Well, that’s what has happened to the Royal Bank of Scotland executive, John Hourican, who … Continue reading

Independence – it’s whatever you want it to be.

Sunday Herald 3/2/13     The Scottish Electoral Commissioner, John McCormick, caused a parliamentary row last week by suggesting that both the Unionists and Nationalists should get together and make a “joint statement” on what a yes vote would mean in practice. You might as well try to get the Professor Richard Dawkins and Cardinal … Continue reading

And the Question is: what does independence mean?

From Herald 31/1/13 At last, we have a question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”. Well, you have to agree it’s short and to the point, unlike some other independence referendums.   In Quebec, the independence question in 1995 asked: “Do you agree that Quebec should become sovereign after having made a formal offer to … Continue reading

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