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Watch out. Press censorship is here.

‘Africa is giving nothing to anyone – apart from AIDS’. A rather nasty remark, and untrue. Africa gives us many things, including most of the world’s gold and diamonds, and you can’t blame a country for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Nevertheless, I’m not sure I would say that this remark, from the Irish … Continue reading

The Pyrenees are just like the Highlands, only with people.

When the temperature fell below -11 even my Macbook froze. I didn’t think they did that, but they do. When I finally thawed it out it had reset the date, for some reason, at 1st February 2008 and wouldn’t open my email. But since the internet had stopped working, this was kind of academic.. The satellite … Continue reading

If we’re printing money it should go to poor people who spend not bankers who hoard.

    Imagine being asked to pay your bank for the privilege of depositing your money in it. Most of us think that we are victims of reverse bank robbery already. But actually give them money to take our money? The Bank of England moved rapidly yesterday to insist that the policy of negative interest … Continue reading

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