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Come back Arch Duke Franz – all is forgiven

Wull ye no come back again, Arch Duke Franz of Bavaria? The Kirk dropped a constitutional bombshell into the referendum campaign last week by suggesting that Scottish monarchs should be crowned in Scotland after independence. The last king to have been so invested was Charles 11 in 1651, who was of course a Catholic.   … Continue reading

Brexit – But what happens to Scotland?

FROM SUNDAY HERALD It seems only yesterday that everyone was talking about a “Grexit” – the forecast, made by most of the UK press, that Greece was about to leave the European Union because of the onerous bailout terms imposed by the EU and IMF. Now, suddenly, we are talking about the “Brexit” – the … Continue reading

Europe is a good thing. Honest.

   It was typical of the Guardian to try to suggest some equivalence between Nigel Farrage’s UKIP and Alex Salmond’s Scottish National Party.   At an editorial level the Guardian has always found it hard to understand that the SNP is not a nationalist party in the conventional sense and is not based on any … Continue reading

Postpone the referendum? How can Scots decide on staying in the UK if they don’t know whether the UK is staying in the EU?

FROM HERALD    “Do you think that the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union?”. That’s the question that looks increasingly likely to be asked of British voters in a referendum in the near future. It is in the draft bill offered by David Cameron to assuage his eurosceptic backbenchers.  It didn’t, … Continue reading

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