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From Sunday Herald, 16/6/13 I don’t know about the Scottish cringe, but I found Thursday’s Edinburgh Question Time toe-curling. It was a nightmare version of the referendum campaign, complete with an omni-rant from George Galloway, the Respect MP, forming a devil’s alliance with the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage – a demented glove-puppet – to claim, … Continue reading

Low pay is a cause of stagnation, not a consequence of it.

Another ‘here’s tae us’ press release from the Scottish Government on jobs. “The employment rate is now higher in Scotland than in the other four nations of the UK”, it proclaims, “whilst the unemployment is now lower than in any of the four nations of the UK”. Leave aside whether there are four nations in … Continue reading

Road to Referendum: the book and the film.

My documentary series on the national question “Road to Referendum”, continues this week with part 2 on Tuesday at 8.00pm on STV.  See the stars of the poll tax era – and I mean stars – as we revisit the 80s and Thatcherism.     Also, Part 1 is repeated tonight at 7.00 on STV for those … Continue reading

Independence in the UK. What does it mean?

from Herald 6/6/13 The Herald-STV Road to Referendum documentary series was sabotaged by technical difficulties on Tuesday. Apparently 65% of viewers in Scotland were unable to watch the first 25 minutes of the first instalment of our three-part television history of the national question in Scotland since the war. Part one of Road to Referendum … Continue reading

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