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Don’t be Beastly to Bowie.

Sunday Herald. IN September, at a conference in Orkney, Better Together’s Ian Davidson MP declared that the No campaign had already won and all that was left was “to bayonet the wounded”. Imagine if Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon had said that? It would have dominated the headlines for weeks. David Dimbleby would not have … Continue reading

Salmond on a hiding to nothing.

It’s what we in the business call a hiding to nothing. Having been kicked in the currencies by George Osborne last week; and beaten around the head by Jose Manuel Barroso, who said at the weekend that it is “almost impossible” for Scotland to join the European Union, the First Minister Alex Salmond was left … Continue reading

Who’s Afraid of Plan B?

Sunday Herald It was the defining moment in referendum campaign; an event that will resonate through history; a milestone in Scotland’s relations with the rest of the UK. A Tory chancellor, George Osborne, riding into town, laying down the law, and then riding out again without even giving any TV interviews made even many unionists … Continue reading

No Way Jose. Scotland is not Kosovo.

Rarely have I found myself left speechless by the comment of a politician, but the Jose Manuel Barroso’s attempt to compare Scotland with Kosovo left me in a state of spluttering incoherence. I have nothing against the people of Kosovo – indeed, I supported military intervention to stop genocide there in 1999. But Kosovo is … Continue reading

After the love, the rough wooing.

After the love, the rough wooing. Into Yes Scotland’s letter box drops a Valentine nasty from George Osborne, who will today rule out any currency zone after independence, according to the BBC. The other UK parties will endorse this lock out, according to the same source. If so, it would be a dramatic escalation of … Continue reading

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