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Osborne’s Budget: unthinkable in Scotland

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD     THERE could be no clearer illustration of the gulf in political culture between Westminster and Scotland right now than last week’s Budget. Neither of Scotland’s two big parties, SNP or Scottish Labour, would have dreamed of putting George Osborne’s package of class-based measures through Holyrood. … Continue reading

Osborne buys the votes of silver surfers

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD Iain Macwhirter Columnist Thursday 20 March 2014 It took about three minutes for the Chancellor, George Osborne, to announce that this was yet another budget for those mythical “hard-working families” of Britain. In fact, this was more for the hard-voting pensioners of Britain. Rarely has a budget … Continue reading

Taking sides in Ukraine.

READ IAIN MACWHIRTER IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD……….. It’s not a good place for a columnist to be. We are supposed to take clear and unequivocal positions on the events of the day, not flail around looking at both sides. But in the Ukraine, I find it unusually difficult to say which side I’m … Continue reading

Memo to Danny Alexander: It’s not final.

Read Iain in Sunday Herald and Herald Iain Macwhirter Columnist Sunday 9 March 2014 SCOTTISH independence. Aggreko warns of risks.” The Scottish front pages have been reduced to a proforma. They just fill in the dots. Alliance warns of risks, Standard Life warns of risks, RBS warns of risks … Lloyds … BP … Shell … Continue reading

How Hedge funds stole the Coop – and how to steal it back.

 READ IAIN IN HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD From Herald 26/2/14 ‘That’ll learn ye’, as my grandfather used to say. Not so long ago in these columns, I sang the praises of the Co-op Bank for staying mutual and avoiding the financial crises that had afflicted other banks through greed, stupidity and dodgy property deals. The … Continue reading

So, now we know. RBS is a London bank. And RUK would take its toxic balance sheet.

Forget the dam busters … iScotland would be oil rich and creditworthy even without the banks Iain Macwhirter Columnist Sunday 2 March 2014 IT wasn’t so much the dam busters as the blitz. A co-ordinated assault, led by the Prime Minister, backed by the City of London financial establishment, and endorsed by Scotland’s Labour leader, … Continue reading

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