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Democracy in the Dark. The decline of the Scottish Press and how to keep the lights on.

PERHAPS it’s the end of the recession, perhaps it’s just Spring, but there’s a perceptible air of relief in Scottish newspaper offices this April, at least among management. Johnston Press, which own The Scotsman, are claiming their first rise in ‘underlying’ operating profit in seven years. Newsquest (Herald and Times) reported a 38 per cent … Continue reading

Death by capital gains. Flipping MPs worry who’s next.

  Dozens of MPs are returning to their constituencies this weekend deeply worried, and not just Peter Bone, who is the latest Tory MP to have his expenses under the microscope.  The backwash from the Maria Miller resignation could be about to hit a whole raft of MPs who have made large sums of money … Continue reading


READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD Sunday 6 April 2014 I’M not exactly sure how you demolish a tower block “with dignity”, as the former MSP Carolyn Leckie demanded of the condemned Red Roads. She objected to the remaining Glasgow skyscrapers being blown up “for entertainment” as an opener for the Commonwealth Games … Continue reading

Are unionists united yet on devolution max?

READ IAIN IN HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD       Thursday 3 April 2014   I was in London earlier last week as the April Fool jokes were being rolled out by the press at Scotland’s expense. I particularly liked the idea of UN peace-keepers being brought in after a Yes vote to police the … Continue reading

Why is Yes campaign so confident?

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD         Iain Macwhirter Columnist Sunday 30 March 2014     People often ask me: why do the Yes Campaign appear so confident when they are miles behind in the opinion polls? Don’t they know they’re going to lose? It is a remarkable phenomenon in … Continue reading

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