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Tories cut the dole, Labour pursue poll tax arrears – who says Margaret Thatcher is ancient history?

READ IAIN ON TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS ONLY IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD   2/10/14 THROUGHOUT the referendum campaign everyone, myself included, was saying that the poll tax and Margaret Thatcher were ancient history to most Scots. Well, wham, bam thank you ma’am, suddenly they’re back. Last week, the ghost of the poll tax … Continue reading

What the F is federalism anyway?

READ IAIN ON TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS ONLY IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD. 30/9/14 So, you’ll have had your devo max. This is now called “independence by stealth” by Scottish Tories’ leader Ruth Davidson, who seems to have appointed herself guardian of the Scottish constitution. She told the Conservative Party conference that “devo max … Continue reading

Tory spending cuts? Barnett scrapped? English votes? Vow broken? Can’t say we weren’t warned.

Scottish voters can’t say they weren’t warned about George Osborne’s £25 billion austerity programme. But even I’m shocked that Britain’s already paltry benefits are to be cut in real terms for two years. Forget the bedroom tax; this is the austerity tax, and it’s hitting the poorest. But that’s the Union we’ve voted to remain … Continue reading

Why Scotland needs a pop up constitutional convention.

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD ON TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS   28/9/14 The Scottish independence referendum, it turns out, wasn’t a finishing tape but a starting gun. The national question may have been resolved for a generation, but Scotland is now in a race for home rule. History has been speeded up. … Continue reading

Better Together won the referendum. So why does it feel like they lost?

READ IAIN ONLY IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD Better Together won the referendum fair and square – rumours of vote fixing and dirty tricks are a silly diversion.  So why does it feel like they lost? Nicola Sturgeon formally announced her candidacy for SNP leader as if she were leading a victory march. If … Continue reading

What will Salmond’s legacy really be?

If you measure the stature of politicians by how they rise to the occasion, then the leaders of the Scottish opposition parties revealed their restricted growth at Alex Salmond’s last outing as First Minister. This was an historic moment. The man who had dominated ­Scottish politics for much of the last two decades, who won … Continue reading

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