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Holyrood has turned into a race of also rans, a contest for losers.

Both Labour and the Conservatives tried to relaunched their Scottish Parliament election campaigns yesterday. The fact that they have been described as “stalled” 100 days before polling day tells you all you need to know about the state of the Scottish opposition. The Holyrood election is a race of the also rans, a contest of … Continue reading

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the world economy…

JUST when you thought it was safe to go back into the world economy, it’s suddenly gone all headless chickens again. The gyrations of stock markets in the past few weeks, as China stumbled and oil slipped, has spread a new wave of insecurity across a capitalist system only recently emerged from the Great Recession. … Continue reading

Corbyn’s right. Send the Trident nuclear warheads on a one way trip to Aldermaston.

DEUTSCHLAND ’83 on Channel 4 is a thoughtful Cold-War drama with a strain of black humour and a great period sound track. It follows a reluctant East German spy as he burrows through the Nato high command in the 1980s reporting on plans for a “pre-emptive” nuclear strike against the Warsaw Pact. American generals discuss … Continue reading

“Sell everything” – the next banking crisis is here. Hardly surprising since the same banksters are still in charge.

The economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland said the other day: “Sell everything.” A “cataclysmic” crash is coming in 2016, we’re told, and RBS is advising investors to get rid of their shares, buy bonds and basically run for the hills. I suppose if you were the bank at the centre of the 2008-12 … Continue reading

Corbyn’s permashuffle was really all about Trident. And leadership.

“HE has all the candlepower of a glow-worm. He might once have fitted the role of a deputy manager of a northern friendly society, but is intellectually unsuited to be a minister of any kind.” This was the verdict of 87-year-old Joe Haines, Harold Wilson’s press spokesman back in the day, describing the Labour leader, … Continue reading

Imagine if the Scottish independence referendum had happened with some SNP ministers arguing No?

Imagine if the Scottish independence referendum campaign in 2014 had been conducted without collective cabinet responsibility? If figures like John Swinney or Alex Neil (say) had been allowed to campaign for Scotland to remain in the UK while Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon argued to leave? It would never have happened of course because all … Continue reading

Two parliamentary elections in two years and two independence referendums: prepare for voter fatigue in 2016

SCOTLAND’S voters could be forgiven for complaining about election fatigue. They had the nerve-racking excitement of the 2014 independence referendum, which divided Scotland down the middle. Then there was the Tsunami General Election of 2015 when the Unionist parties were swept into political oblivion. Now Scots are being invited to deliver another landslide to the … Continue reading

Banning Donald Trump is exactly what he wants us to do.

No publicity is bad publicity. Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, is an oaf and a bully but he is also a brilliant self-publicist. He knows exactly how far to go to gain maximum exposure in the media while not falling foul of laws on racial hatred. His call for a temporary ban on Muslims … Continue reading

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