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Brexit, Project Fear and why another Scottish independence referendum could be a long way off.

The latest report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, forecasting years of additional austerity if Britain votes to leave the European Union, has uncannily similarities with the one it published during the Scottish independence referendum – right down to the former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling saying it makes the case for remaining in the union … Continue reading

Minority government could be the making of Nicola Sturgeon.

  Following tabloid revelations about the private lives of SNP MPs in Westminster, the party’s critics on social media have wasted no time suggesting the SNP administration is in a state of moral decadence equivalent to the last days of Rome. This follows the suspension of two SNP MPs over allegations of financial irregularity and … Continue reading

Neither government comes out well from the revelations about the springing of the Lockerbie bomber.

Call me naive, but the tale of how Adelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was bought and sold for British oil is shocking, not just because of the cynical avarice of the UK government but the fact the SNP government appears to have wanted a piece of the action. It’s seems no one was telling the truth … Continue reading

Plans to turn BBC into state broadcaster puts devolution of broadcasting back on the table.

It’s what we in the business call a “reverse ferret”: when a newspaper or political party does a complete reversal of its line after discovering that it had zero public support. The government may appear to have conducted a reverse ferret over the BBC – having dropped plans for abolishing the licence fee, selling off … Continue reading

Tartan tax havens? Don’t believe Scotland is immune to corruption.

Is David Cameron losing it? After some of his recent outbursts you begin to wonder. There was his raising the prospect of war if Britain leaves the European Union. Then his latest royal gaffe (he’s had a few, like the Queen “purring” over the Scottish referendum result) telling Her Majesty that countries including Afghanistan and … Continue reading

“It’s war” – Cameron takes project fear to next level on Brexit. Shoots himself in foot

AS readers will know, this column has been playing a game of Project Fear bingo in the EU referendum, spotting the similarities with PF in the Scottish independence campaign. We’ve had: all will be poorer if we leave, check; currency instability, check; house prices will crash, check; terrorism could get worse, check; cancer research could … Continue reading

The people have spoken – the bastards. Voters upset various applecarts in Holyrood 2016

IT didn’t take long for Labour to lose its cool on Friday morning. As the results started to trickle in at 12.30 am, the former MP and Holyrood candidate Thomas Docherty announced that the party had committed electoral suicide. “Our tax and Trident manifesto,” he declared, “was self-immolation for dummies.” He was denounced as a … Continue reading

As the dust settles on the most extraordinary Scottish election since, well, the last one, the tensions in the indyref movement are becoming only too apparent. The hyper-loyalist Wings Over Scotland rages over the idiocy of the Greens and other parties for having stood in an election against the SNP. He blames non-SNP parties for … Continue reading

Forget the referendum. SNP is really about independence by stealth

THESE are strange days. This lacklustre Holyrood election campaign has come alive in the last week over something that almost certainly isn’t going to happen: a repeat referendum on Scottish independence. It dominated the BBC leaders’ debate on Sunday; it’s all over the front pages; and John Humphrys on the Today programme yesterday spent a … Continue reading

Labour’s anti-Semitism row is more about toxic factionalism than hatred of jews.

LABOUR’S anti-Semitism row is like something out of the satirical BBC comedy, The Thick Of It. Only the scriptwriters who dreamed up the Labour spin doctor, Malcolm Tucker, would have thought it too far-fetched. The former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, was filmed last week seeking refuge from the press in a disabled toilet in the … Continue reading

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