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We are Brexit – and we don’t care.

The goggle-eyed Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, had it half right in his 5.am “independence day” rant. This was a revolt of “ordinary people” – working people, Labour people, the kind often dismissed as chavs. The Brexit vote was a well-aimed kick in the teeth of the well-healed London-Edinburgh `’educated classes” in their high equity post-codes, whose only contact with immigrants is with tradesmen or the ‘help’. These are the forgotten classes who don’t feel part of the great European Union family. Who don’t treasure their EU passports because they can’t afford to travel there. Who don’t give a monkeys about transgender rights, multiculturalism or gender equality in the boardrooms. They suspect that their incomes are squeezed by competition from eight-to-a-room gangs from Romania and have stopped listening to economists claiming otherwise. They aren’t stupid. They realise that immigration won’t stop because Britain leaves the EU. But they want to make a protest and the EU referendum was the opportunity. The protest is about insecurity, low pay, immigration and the lack of housing. They know instinctively that globalisation only enriches an international elite at the expense of their living standards. They saw how the bankers who wrecked the economy and reaped the rewards. It was fitting that Donald Trump flew in to Turnberry today. These are his people. Welcome to his world.

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I'm a columnist for the Herald. Author of "Road to Referendum" and "Disunited Kingdom". Was a BBC TV and radio presenter for 25 years - "Westminster Live" and "Holyrood Live" mainly. Spent time as columnist for The Observer, Guardian, New Statesman. Former Rector of Edinburgh University. Live in Edinburgh and spend a lot of time in the French Pyrenees. Will that do?


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