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Universal Basic Income would be universal poverty. Cutting the working week is better.

T WAS just too good to be true. The level-headed Swiss aren’t persuaded that a citizen’s income for every adult makes sense, and they voted massively against the idea in their referendum at the weekend. I have to say, I probably would have been in the No camp. However, a citizen’s income, or universal basic … Continue reading

Teachers are now in the front line of child abuse as Named Persons. God help them.

John Swinney turned the indignation meter up to 11 in his defence of the Named Persons scheme in Holyrood yesterday. Critics should be “ashamed of scaremongering” he roared and “creating a climate of misinformation”. But there’s been no need for the opposition to do that. It was, after all, Nicola Sturgeon who said that the … Continue reading

My first drink in six months was in the cardiac ward.

THE revelation that temperance lobbyists may have been involved in setting the latest alcohol “safe” limits in England will only confirm what many suspect: that there is a move to achieve prohibition by stealth in Britain. The latest guidelines are at the very least an escalation in an arms race of alcohol intolerance. Men are … Continue reading

When it comes to Chinese cash, everyone looks the other way.

THE China Railway Number 3 Engineering Company is not the title of the latest Alexander McCall Smith novel. It is a subsidiary of the one of the biggest construction companies in the world, the China Railway Group (CRG), which has been involved in infrastructure projects across Africa and South East Asia. Oh, and it was … Continue reading

What the last referendum on Europe tells us? This one is much nastier, for a start.

Four decades ago, Britain went to the polls in the referendum to decide whether or not to remain in the European Economic Community (EC). I can’t remember being very interested by the result, even though I was at university allegedly studying politics. Europe seemed like a narrow debate within the British ruling class with little … Continue reading

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