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The cashless economy could bring more than we’ve bargained for.

THE term “contactless payment” is a misnomer. After all, you still have to place your card on the electronic reader when you make “tap and go” payments. But that’s not the only odd thing about it. After years of dedicating our financial security to “chip and pin” where you put a card into a reader … Continue reading

Forget the SNP. Labour can’t establish a progressive alliance with itself.

JEREMY Corbyn and Owen Smith came to Scotland last week to reject the idea of a progressive alliance with the SNP. They left with Labour looking as if it can scarcely establish a progressive alliance with itself. At the hustings debate in Glasgow, Smith accused the Labour leader of being a closet Brexiteer and questioned … Continue reading

Smith is right: MPs must have a say on Brexit.

Ballot-weary Scottish voters, be warned. Politicians aren’t going to let you rest. In the next couple of years there could be a second Scottish independence referendum, if Nicola Sturgeon gets her way, and/or a second EU referendum if Labour leadership contender Owen Smith gets his way. We’ve already had two stressful referendums in the last … Continue reading

If Labour is losing working class support, why is the SNP gaining it?

WHAT does a socialist say when they hear a group of striking workers start chanting: “I’d rather be a n****r than a scab”? It’s a problem Mark Thomas explores in his play Red Shed at the Edinburgh Festival. And it’s complicated. He’s also had to come to terms with the fact that working-class voters in … Continue reading

If Kezia and Khan hope Corbyn will go in an early general election, they could be in for a surprise.

They don’t give up. Following the abortive #chickencoup, last month when the 172 Labour MPs signed a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader’s support in the party seemed if anything to grow. Then Labour’s ruling NEC tried to exclude new Labour members to weed out the “trots” as supporters of Corbyn … Continue reading

Henry Ford doubled his workers wages in January 1914. Fat cat bosses should ask themselves why.

British business is its own worst enemy. The latest 10 per cent increase in top executive pay to an average of £5.5 million is another insult to the working population. These people seem to be under the L’Oreal delusion that “they’re worth it” – but few of their employees or economists agree. Executive pay in … Continue reading

It’s time for the SNP to ditch it’s attachment to the Queen.

IT was never entirely clear whether Alex Salmond’s apparent infatuation with Her Majesty the Queen was genuine or merely theatrical. The former First Minister and Mrs Windsor certainly seemed to get on suspiciously well, perhaps because of a shared love of horses.  But did he really believe that she was “Queen of Scots” – a … Continue reading

Brexit has made independence all but inevitable. But not yet.

THE pugilistic former Labour MP, Eric Joyce, may not exactly be totally welcome yet in nationalist circles, any more than he is in Labour ones. But his new blog “From No to Yes”, is certainly worth a look. His argument that he has had to fundamentally review his attitudes to independence since Brexit, is one … Continue reading

If Brexit means Brexit also means Scotland Act is redundant. New settlement needed.

When the former Tory Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove, declared during the referendum campaign that Scotland could have “sweeping new powers” after leaving the EU, few believed him. Deputy First Minister John Swinney dismissed it as “a con trick”. But perhaps he should now be holding the UK Government to his word. The Scottish Government has … Continue reading

After London 2012 unionists hailed a “New British Patriotism”. Not this time.

All this gold medal winning in Rio (or “medalling”to use commentator newspeak) is very confusing. Britain isn’t supposed to come first in things. We’re used to plucky-but-lovable no hopers, like Eddie the Eagle, who do their amateur best in face of the austere medal-winning machines of countries like Russia, Germany and China. But there we … Continue reading

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