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10 years under the cosh of Scottish Nationalism. (Well, cautious social democracy).

TEN years ago the Scottish National Party entered government for the first time after the most chaotic election in Scottish electoral history. It was a wild night: ballot boxes went missing and thousands of voters inadvertently spoiled their ballot papers. Next day, the result was far from clear, even as Alex Salmond helicoptered into Edinburgh and declared himself … Continue reading

Advertising is the original sin of the web. If they make money from content they publish, Facebook et al can’t avoid being responsible.

The internet is a huge achievement and an immense force for good. It allows free access to information at the click of a mouse. It is transforming African countries through innovations such as mobile banking. However, there has been a confusion between the internet itself, or strictly speaking the world wide web, created by scientists … Continue reading

Local Elections: the SNP won, but the Tories were the story.

The Scottish Tories succeeded in their project of turning the Scottish council elections into a kind of referendum on a second independence referendum, and reaped the electoral reward. The result was a triumph for the Scottish Tory leader, Ruth Davidson, with the Tories gaining more than 164 seats across Scotland, pushing Labour into third place. Mind you, … Continue reading

The SNP’s message? Every vote for Ruth is a vote for Theresa May.

Labour’s celebration of the Tory resurgence in Scotland is not helping them in their darkest hour. Kezia Dugdale and Ian Murray bigging up Ruth Davidson’s success in the local elections as a ‘blow for Sturgeon’ only encourages more of their voters into the Conservative camp. Why bother voting Labour if the Tories do it better? … Continue reading

If this election is a referendum on independence, the SNP are going to win it.

From Herald, 20/4/17 The General Election of 2015 in Scotland was one of the most remarkable in British electoral history. In General Elections, a swing of 10 per cent is exceptional; in the “tsunami”, as it was called, the average swing to the SNP was 30 per cent and famously broke the BBC’s swingometer. Labour lost 40 out … Continue reading

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