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I wish Remainers would stop saying nothing changes tonight. We lose European citizenship for a start.

Much of the Brexit commentary, especially from Remainers, is that nothing changes tonight.   Trade talks have yet to begin.  Nothing resolved.  It’s all just symbolic. No it isn’t. Tonight we lose citizenship of the European Union, and the protections and privileges that went with it.  That is  much more than a symbolic act;  more … Continue reading

Next week the SNP’s slogan “Independence in Europe” becomes redundant. How do they remake the case?

 The SNP may appear to be at the very zenith of its political power.  Nicola Sturgeon’s dominance of Scottish politics was cemented in the December general election when it reduced Labour to one solitary seat in Scotland.  It was almost a repeat of the 2015 Tsunami. Yet the SNP face the biggest crisis in their … Continue reading

The Left made fools of themselves endorsing the Sussexes as paragons of progressive virtue. They’re a brand, not a cause.

Since the French Revolution, the default position of the left has been rejection of hereditary monarchy and contempt for the flummery and waste of royal families. Spend the money on food banks, was the line.  Tony Benn, the patron saint of Corbynism, regarded royals, rightly, as a “feudal anachronism, the apex of privilege”.  He thought the … Continue reading

I must kick the Twitter habit before it turns me Tory. It’s becoming aversion therapy for the left.

Before Christmas, the Times columnist Alex Massie tweeted that refusing to have friends who have different opinions to your own is “small-minded not principled”.   This provoked an tiny-minded torrent of hostile posts from twitterites insisting that they couldn’t possibly be friends with “Tory racists”. Said one: “I’m not hanging around with people who would … Continue reading

How the left saves capitalism from itself (review).

Aaron Bastani: “Fully Automated Luxury Communism: A Manifesto”, Verso Donald Sassoon: “The Anxious Triumph: A global history of capitalism”, Allen Lane Following the Great Recession, trade wars and the longest period of wage stagnation since the Napoleonic Wars, people are wondering, not for the first time, if capitalism has a future. Is the system collapsing under its … Continue reading

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