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Tories are saying they voted for Boris and got Corbyn. Yes, really.

When Boris Johnson was won a near landslide majority in December, he was hailed as nothing less than a blue messiah.  How long ago that seems. Tory commentators and many MPs are now deeply disenchanted with Boris, and not just because his government made an even worse cock-up of the exams than the Scots.  Tory … Continue reading

When will they learn? The illiberal and unworkable Hate Crime Bill is another assault of freedom of speech from a Scottish Government that has a tin ear for civil liberty.

When the Scottish Police, the Catholic Church, the Law Society of Scotland get together to condemn the Scottish government’s Hate Crime Bill for endangering freedom of speech, you’d think that ministers might be tempted to listen. I can’t off-hand think of any issue that has united policemen, lawyers and churchmen in quite this way before … Continue reading

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  • RT @Jonathon_Shafi: This is the official prospectus for Scottish independence: NATO will dictate the foreign policy, the City will dictate… 1 day ago

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