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2020: when hairstyles were racist, statues needed police protection and Edinburgh University cancelled David Hume.

For most of the 20th Century being on the political left meant supporting a set of principles dating from the European Enlightenment.  Humanism, progress, freedom of speech, scientific objectivity, tolerance. In 2020 the left seemed to be choosing a different course: a regression to dogmatism and narrow-minded intolerance. We saw this most egregiously when a small … Continue reading

If they don’t like the Brexit deal, Remainers only have themselves to blame.

The Opposition parties were left flat-footed by Boris Johnson’s Brexmas deal. Too many had believed his propaganda about being content with a No Deal and were therefore left with little to complain about when one materialised. Not a bad deal, either, that ensures tariff and quota free trade in goods and (probably). services.  It’s not … Continue reading

The Perambulations of a Priapic Prime Minister.

“Boris Johnson – the gambler”, by Tom Bower. WH Allen £20.  —————————————————————– Tom Bower is a prolific biographer renowned for his hatchet jobs, as we call them in the trade, on big political figures like Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair. Balance and nuance is not his style.  He has a keen eye for the biographical … Continue reading

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