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SSE – Crooks can be green and Scottish too

From Herald,  4/4/13    Scottish and Southern Electricity has been charged £10m by Ofgem for mis-selling its gas and electricity. Apparently, its telephone sales people were bamboozling potential customers by giving them “misleading and inaccurate” information about prices. They also reported that the Pope is believed to be Catholic. I’m sure action will be swift. … Continue reading

If we’re printing money it should go to poor people who spend not bankers who hoard.

    Imagine being asked to pay your bank for the privilege of depositing your money in it. Most of us think that we are victims of reverse bank robbery already. But actually give them money to take our money? The Bank of England moved rapidly yesterday to insist that the policy of negative interest … Continue reading

Banker bonuses? Give them to everyone.

There’s a very simply answer to the problem of banker bonuses.  Give them to everybody.  No, I’m serious.   The banks are only in existence because of the hundreds of billions in state support.  Had it not been for the guarantee of public money to back up their dodgy asset base, not just direct capital … Continue reading

Let’s have some capitalism for capitalists.

My Big Idea for 2010? Simple. Bring back capitalism. No, I’m serious. I may be a superannuated socialist who thinks the banks should be nationalised and has always supported the redistribution of wealth. But right now, we need a bit of capitalist rigour to sort out the mess left by the financial crisis. It’s time … Continue reading

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