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Free personal care saves money – axe top salaries instead.

         So who pays?  What gets cut? Well,  hardly a day seems to go by without a story in the press claiming that the cost of free personal care for the elderly is “out of control” and “unsustainable” .   There are repeated calls to axe near-free prescription charges; to restore the graduate … Continue reading

Mad Max Budget – but is he serious?

After a stunned silence after the most draconian budget in modern times, the country is waking up to what the new age of public austerity will actually mean.  Commentators paint a picture of a Mad Max dystopia – a country plunged into depression and decay.  Crumbling schools, empty swimming pools, leisure centres boarded up.  Feral … Continue reading

Queen’s Speech: why Scotland’s laughing.

 Ok, someone has to say it: last week’s Queen’s Speech was really rather a good deal for Scotland.  Even the SNP have been struggling to find things to complain about.   And no – I’ve not become a spokesman for the ‘Condem’ coalition or been offered a gong in  Cameron’s next honours list.  We ‘re … Continue reading

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