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Blair’s last stand

.No regrets. Tony Blair didn’t actually quote Edith Piaf, but the former prime minister was resolute about the wisdom of his own judgement over the Iraq war. Nothing to apologise for. The evidence of WMD was “beyond doubt”. We had to go in and deal with Saddam or else we ‘d all likely have been … Continue reading

Campbell’s Last Stand.

Alistair Campbell.  What can you say?  He’s beyond hatred, beyond contempt, beyond belief.  He’ll never change and he’ll never get it.  The Chilcot Inquiry got nowhere with him. Did anyone seriously expect that it would?    However, the good news is that Tony Blair’s erstwhile Rottweiler is condemned to live a kind of inquisitorial Groundhog … Continue reading

Twitter Updates

  • RT @ruth_wishart: Seems like saying the "wrong" thing leads to vilification and calls for you to be sacked, stalked, or chucked out of your… 3 days ago

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