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The biggest party in Westminster doesn’t get to form the next government. (Herald 8/2/15)

LABOUR’S reaction to last week’s devastating Ashcroft constituency polls suggesting that they would retain only one seat in Glasgow at the General Election was dispiriting to say the least. The party issued an election video quoting the party’s Scottish deputy leader, Kezia Dugdale, saying: “Fact: the biggest party gets to form the next government #VoteSNPgetTories.” … Continue reading

Vince is about as Marxist as Adam Smith

 ‘’Vince Cable “not a Marxist”’said a BBC headline yesterday on the eve of  his speech to the Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool.  Indeed, he is not.  Vince Cable is an economic conservative, who has long advocated free market capitalism and cutting the state.  . Cable was a prominent contributor to the LibDem “Orange Book” which … Continue reading

What goes up… Mobility isn’t very social

 I’ve always been just a little suspicious of people who advocate social mobility as a cure for society’s ills, as the answer to  inequality.   It isn’t.    When Nick Clegg said last week that social mobility is “the badge of fairness in society” he is missing the point.  The very image of “social mobility” is … Continue reading

Osborne’s Bullingdon Budget

  Prepare for a hot autumn, comrades: the class war starts here.  Labour have hoist the red flag over Westminster and are preparing bonfires for the Liberal Democrat “collaborators”.  This budget, they say, was  Bullingdon Man taking his “ideological” retribution against the state using the coalition as cover.  It will hit people on low and middle … Continue reading

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