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The Tories have cut tax credits and social housing and called it a war on poverty.

Credit where it’s due: David Cameron, a Tory prime minister leading the most right-wing party since the 1980s, has committed his government to abolishing poverty, inequality and discrimination. These are noble objectives. We should all earnestly hope that he succeeds. It is an abomination that two thirds of children in poverty live in households where … Continue reading

Tory spending cuts? Barnett scrapped? English votes? Vow broken? Can’t say we weren’t warned.

Scottish voters can’t say they weren’t warned about George Osborne’s £25 billion austerity programme. But even I’m shocked that Britain’s already paltry benefits are to be cut in real terms for two years. Forget the bedroom tax; this is the austerity tax, and it’s hitting the poorest. But that’s the Union we’ve voted to remain … Continue reading

The Union finally lost it last week. I’m voting yes.

Scotland stands on the edge of history. 4.2 million of us, the largest registered electorate in Scottish history, are weighing up the arguments, considering the implications, calibrating the risks. There has never been a political debate like this in my lifetime and I’ve been covering politics in Westminster and Scotland professionally since 1979. The UK … Continue reading

Land of hope is Tory. Duh.

He may not move the voters, but Ed Miliband has certainly rattled David Cameron’s cage. The PM name checked Labour no fewer than 25 times in his address to the Tory conference yesterday in Manchester. He mentioned Ukip not once and only referred to the Liberal Democrats as an albatross around the Tory neck. So, … Continue reading

Kim’s nukes to target Glasgow – Cameron

David Cameron raised the stakes in the independence debate last week by insisting that it would be “foolish” to abandon Trident in the Clyde when there is a growing threat from countries like North Korea. I’m not sure it was entirely wise to suggest that we might be on Kim’s target list. Are we to … Continue reading

Aliens in warning against independence. SNP needs to lead constitution debate, not follow it.

    Things fall apart. The SNP has got the right question, but it isn’t getting the right answers.   The Nationalists have been on the defensive for the last six months over relatively obscure procedural issues about relations with Europe, currency union and the mechanics of transition to independence.  The Yes for Scotland campaign has … Continue reading

David Cameron’s speech on Europe. What he will say and why he is wrong.

David Cameron’s speech on Europe is turning into the greatest speech never made. Fortunately, from leaks and briefings we know a lot of what’s in it.  Cameron says that he wants to address the “three crises” of Europe: the eurozone debt crisis, the democratic deficit and the loss of European competitiveness. Taking these in reverse … Continue reading

Forget Barroso, what if the David Cameron takes Scotland out of Europe.

 Sunday Herald 16/12/12 I don’t know about Tantric sex, but the Prime Minister is certainly a teaser. Last week he informed hungry hacks at a Westminster press lunch that he had delayed yet again his long forecast speech on a referendum on European membership. He said that like Tantric sex, it would be worth the … Continue reading

Tory Muff and Jeff routine. Caring Cameron feels their pain.

The Tories under David Cameron have become the masters of the conference Mutt and Jeff routine. All week ministerial Muttleys put the boot into big families on welfare, batter burglars, threaten referendums on Europe, kick the Liberal Democrats in the goolies by rejecting their wealth tax. This all goes down well; red meat for the … Continue reading

Lost in London during Boris’s games.

   Driving back from Dover from holiday, we decided to let the satnav do the job of getting us round London. Yes, I know – you just head north on the M25, but we’d heard it was jammed because of the Olympics. Anyway, the satnav lady, in her digital wisdom, decided to take us straight … Continue reading

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