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Riding for a fall with the Murdoch hunt.

Why do they do it? Why do political leaders, even in Scotland, worship at the tawdry court of the Sun king Rupert Murdoch? What to they think they’ll gain? Murdoch is the most toxic brand in British public life, his crude right wing publications a byword for bent news and illegal practices like phone hacking. … Continue reading

The Union’s last thousand days.

At times of constitutional turmoil, like last week, I’m often approached by researchers and producers from the London media looking for someone to explain the will-they-won’t-they, devo-max independence-well-maybe referendum. They invariably use the word ”wily” when they’re talking about Alex Salmond, as if the First Minister was a petty demagogue in some post-colonial banana republic. … Continue reading

The Great Lib Con

  It’s called the Great Lib Con.   You voted for an end to foreign wars, nuclear power, Trident and for a more positive attitude to immigration and Europe.  You got a Tory government.  On Tuesday,  many liberal-left voters in Scotland were incoherent with rage when they discovered that they’d actually voted for David Cameron when … Continue reading

A Very Civil Partnership.

   It was like a crazy dream, a comic fantasy.  Nick and Dave hugging on the doorstep of Number Ten.  Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the UK.  As the day wore on my fingers were numb from pinching myself.    There they stood among the foliage of the Downing St rose garden, joking … Continue reading

Toryota Camron – Total Product Recall

 There are renewed fears for the future of the Toryota firm  this week as further flaws have been discovered in the company’s leading models. The brand image of Toryota has been seerious damaged by the mass recall of thousands of policies over the last few weeks. Their once top selling model, the Camron – supposedly … Continue reading

David Cameron’s speech: a triumph of ZZZZZZ

  I’d love to give you a complete and comprehensive blow by blow account of David Cameron’s Manchester speech – but I started to doze off in the middle of it, and I can’t be sure I got it all.  It’s the first time I’ve ever drifted off in the middle of a leader’s confrerence … Continue reading

Why do the Tories hate Europe so much?

How ironic it would be if the Tories were to fall apart again over Europe, just as David Cameron is entering the home straight for Number Ten.  Almost as ironic as Tony Blair becoming president of the EU, just as Gordon Brown loses the next general election.  Some people are just born lucky. But is David … Continue reading

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