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What about the homeless ducks?

  But what about the ducks?  Has anyone thought about them? It’s all very well cutting MPs expenses, but what about the mallard  community, deprived of shelter at this crucial time of the year.    As the duck houses of Britain fall into decay and disuse, we face a major scandal of homeless ducks, geese, coots, … Continue reading

Nepotism -keep it in the family.

 “Bob’s your uncle” always struck me as a curious catch phrase. Why should Bob being my uncle be of any benefit to me?   Well, phrase is said to date from the 1880s when, the Prime Minister, Robert Cecil, appointed his nephew, Arthur Balfour, to the prestigious and lucrative post as Chief Secretary for Ireland. … Continue reading

Give MPs a proper job.

   Why have members of parliament lost their sense of purpose and self-respect?  Why do so many of them apparently see elected office as a means of enriching themselves rather than improving the lives of their constituents?  The reason is that ordinary MPs in Westminster have very little power: they are in a very real … Continue reading

Martin Bell and the expenses scandal.

 “A Very British Revolution – the expenses scandal and how to save our democracy”  By Martin Bell. Icon Books    “Honesty, integrity, openness, objectivity, leadership, accountability and selflessness” – these were the seven principles of public life set out by Lord Nolan’s committee standards in public life in its 1995 report into the sleaze scandals … Continue reading

MPs expenses- how did we get here?

“UK opposition leader dumps lawmaker over duck pond”, said the Taiwan News. It was the story that caught the imagination of the world. The duck island, charged to expenses by theTory MP Sir Peter Viggers, turned the great British parliament into an international laughing stock.  Quackers…out for a duck…you silly ducker”.  The pond ornament was … Continue reading

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