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On human rights we’re equal opportunities hypocrites.

IMAGINE the scene: the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, clinking glasses with the Queen, riding in the gold coach down Whitehall, knocking back pints with the Prime Minister in a typical English pub. Outrageous. Unthinkable. The very idea. Putin is a deeply authoritarian figure who has threatened the security of neighbouring countries like Ukraine, exploited tensions … Continue reading

Oil price go up; and then they go down; and then….

There has been much Unionist glee at the recent collapse in the price of North Sea oil. A barrel of Brent crude is worth little more than half what it was six months ago and economists such as Professor Brian Ashcroft are saying that this has ruined the economics of independence. Mind you, I don’t … Continue reading

Osborne buys the votes of silver surfers

READ IAIN IN THE HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD Iain Macwhirter Columnist Thursday 20 March 2014 It took about three minutes for the Chancellor, George Osborne, to announce that this was yet another budget for those mythical “hard-working families” of Britain. In fact, this was more for the hard-voting pensioners of Britain. Rarely has a budget … Continue reading

Economic recovery – but where’s the money going?

We have achieved lift-off, according to Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England in its most optimistic forecast for six years. Those struggling with debts, falling earnings and zero-hours contracts may not see much to celebrate. But Messrs Cameron and Osborne are confident the economy is riding to their electoral rescue. And on … Continue reading

Autumn Statement: The End of the World As We Know IT . (That’s if you’re on benefits)

 Sunday Herald 9/12/12    According to the Mayan calendar, the world will end on the 21st of December, but reading the commentary on the Chancellor’s autumn financial statement last week, you could be forgiven for thinking that apocalypse had come early this year. George Osborne’s admission that his austerity policies will last at least until 2018 … Continue reading

2011: the End of Work.

  And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? Or so sang John Lennon, the 30th anniversary of whose death was commemorated this month.  Can it really be that long ago?.  Curiously, the music and image of the former Beatle doesn’t seem dated, even though he is a figure from digital prehistory.  Lennon died … Continue reading

Brown’s Tobin tax bombshell.

   Shake me, I must be dreaming.  I could have sworn that Gordon Brown just called for a “Tobin tax” on international financial transactions to curb the excesses of the banks and  provide funds for developing nations and climate change.   Can’t be true, surely.  I must have nodded off, somewhere.      This is … Continue reading

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