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Rise of the nationalist far right in Europe and the lessons for Scotland

It was the best of nationalism; it was the worst of nationalism. Nicola Sturgeon, in Paris yesterday for climate change talks, offered no congratulations to the leader of the French nationalist Front Nationale (FN), Marine le Pen. The FN won a sensational victory in the regional elections and Ms le Pen is now a serious … Continue reading

Barbed wire and borders won’t make Europe safer.

  NEXT time you are in Catalonia, and want to understand what the Schengen Area is all about, you could do worse than visit the Walter Benjamin memorial at the border village of Portbou in the Pyrenees. Benjamin was a Jewish philosopher and art critic who committed suicide while trying to escape from Nazi-occupied France … Continue reading

Cameron doesn’t really want to reform the EU – he just wants to keep foreigners out.

“The battle for Helm’s Deep is over, the battle for Middle Earth is about to begin.” So tweeted the anti-European MEP Daniel Hannam celebrating David Cameron’s assault this week on the European Union, or Mordor as he would presumably call it. Well, in his dreams. In fact, Cameron is not taking on the might of … Continue reading

Brexit – But what happens to Scotland?

FROM SUNDAY HERALD It seems only yesterday that everyone was talking about a “Grexit” – the forecast, made by most of the UK press, that Greece was about to leave the European Union because of the onerous bailout terms imposed by the EU and IMF. Now, suddenly, we are talking about the “Brexit” – the … Continue reading

Europen Union or United Kingdom. Scotland may have to choose.

   To howls of unionist derision, Alex Salmond yesterday outlined his thoughts on an independent constitution for Scotland. He holds these truths to be self evident: that Scots shall have a home as a constitutional right, that there shall be free education in perpetuity, and that there will be no nuclear weapons on Scottish soil. … Continue reading

Independence in Europe. Jose he say "no".

It recalled the BBC Director General, John Entwhistle, being jeered by MPs over the Newsnight/Savile affair.   John Swinney, the Scottish finance secretary, was ridiculed by the House of Lords economic committee on Tuesday for trying to argue that an independent Scotland would be able to remain in the EU because it would still be … Continue reading

The Bastards Are Back. How the Tories are all eurosceptic now.

It was just like old times. Wednesday’s Tory back-bench rebellion over Britain’s contribution to the European budget took me back twenty years to Maastricht, John Major and the eurosceptic tormentors that the former Tory PM called “the b****rds”. One of them, Teresa Gorman, the Conservative MP for Billericay, even wrote a book entitled “Bastards” about … Continue reading

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