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Federalism: it win’t gonna happen. Not without a Yes.

READ IAIN IN HERALD AND SUNDAY HERALD 19/6/14 I HAVE a confession to make. I agree with Gordon. Gordon Brown the former Labour Prime Minister, that is. I agree with his solution to the Scottish question: federalism. The old centralist, sovereign UK is past its sell-by date. In his latest book and recent speeches the … Continue reading

All nationalisms are not the same.

There has been a subtext to much of the coverage of the independence debate over the last three months as the London media has started to take a closer interest in what is going on in Scotland.  It has brought to the fore a latent tendency in much metropolitan commentary on Scotland to see the … Continue reading

Are the Liberal Democrats more nationalist than Alex Salmond? Discuss.

   First there was one option, now there is a whole raft of them. No sooner had Alex Salmond and David Cameron struck the Edinburgh Agreement, and opened the way for a single question referendum on independence for Scotland, when along come the Liberal Democrats with plans for a full-scale federal restructuring of Britain. The … Continue reading

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