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RBS/Libor. If Iceland can prosecute bankers why can’t we?

If you’re shopped by your ex-wife for point switching on a speeding ticket you face prison; if you are in charge of a department responsible for one of the biggest financial scandals in history, you get a £700,000 pay off. Well, that’s what has happened to the Royal Bank of Scotland executive, John Hourican, who … Continue reading

Epitaph for the Age of Irresponsibility

     “An epitaph for an age of irresponsibility”, is how the Chancellor, George Osborne, described the Barclay’s Libor-fixing scandal in the Commons last week. It was, he went on: “symptomatic of a financial system that elevated greed above all other concerns and brought our economy to its knees”. If even a Tory Chancellor has … Continue reading

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