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Watch out. Press censorship is here.

‘Africa is giving nothing to anyone – apart from AIDS’. A rather nasty remark, and untrue. Africa gives us many things, including most of the world’s gold and diamonds, and you can’t blame a country for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Nevertheless, I’m not sure I would say that this remark, from the Irish … Continue reading

Leveson Press Law. Don’t worry, it’ll never happen.

    The debate over Lord Justice Leveson’s call for statutory regulation of the press has unfortunately turned into a political bun-fight. Labour are so eager to court popularity by hammering the gutter press that they’ve embraced the Leveson Laws with hardly a moment’s pause. Meanwhile, from the opposing camp comes the din of grinding … Continue reading

Who will be first to be locked up by the Leveson Laws?

 Form an orderly queue there, please. Editors are jostling to be the first in the clink if the government moves to introduce press regulation. Already, the editor of the Spectator, Fraser Nelson, has said he will not comply with any such statutory body, and is prepared to suffer the consequences – which could mean spending … Continue reading

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