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Poundland – Monetary exclusion and the end of the Union. Extract from my book, Road to Referendum.

“Road to Referendum” Cargo (see reviews on Books page of this blog). On February 13, 2014, many Scots were wondering whether they could be bothered buying Valentine cards again this year, when news broke that Chancellor George Osborne had arrived in Edinburgh on a flying visit. What he said had a profound and enduring impact … Continue reading

From Sunday Herald, 16/6/13 I don’t know about the Scottish cringe, but I found Thursday’s Edinburgh Question Time toe-curling. It was a nightmare version of the referendum campaign, complete with an omni-rant from George Galloway, the Respect MP, forming a devil’s alliance with the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage – a demented glove-puppet – to claim, … Continue reading

Pandagate. Those independence scare stories in full.

But they will never take…our pandas! I don’t know where the Mirror got the story that, because they were gifts to the UK not Scotland, we would lose Sunshine and Sweetie if Scotland voted for independence. The paper cited government sources.   But apart from being straight wrong – the pandas were lent to Edinburgh Zoo, … Continue reading

Salmond launches "illegal" referendum campaign.

 As we waited in the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle for the arrival of Moses, sorry, Robert Mugabe, sorry Alex Salmond, there was much chatter about Tuesday’s now infamous Newsnight interview in which Jeremy Paxman compared Alex Salmond to Zimbabwean dictator and suggest that he wanted to set up a one party state in Scotland. … Continue reading

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